Cameras Cut Crashes :(

Bah! Humbug!

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FSC. Nuff said

25 July, 2011 (13:21) | ccc | By: admin

And now,

24 June, 2011 (09:43) | ccc | By: admin

Sad to see the Precommisioned list still sitting idol with the new GovInc doing NOTHING to get these sites online
We’ve mentioned these cameras quite a bit before –
Pity this is dragging on since Feb with no action.

Furthermore the Hume cameras are D.E.A.D.

Damning Gov report —

theHun article here –
100 comments too :)

MTR comment here – /StevePrice/PeterRyan.mp3

VAGO Submission

25 May, 2011 (11:19) | ccc | By: admin

Inconsistent messages

11 May, 2011 (09:15) | ccc | By: admin

Over Easter we took a break out East.
It was surprising to see incorrect signage in a huge regional area (Moe), which currently diverts all the highway traffic thru town and past areas with wrong schools zone signage.

Remember the VicGov rules on 3 various school zones here –

Here’s the story the local paper ran after a friendly chat with their team

Calls for speed limit consistency

05 May, 2011 11:58 AM

FUMING motorists fear the “confusing” change in permitted speeds on John Field Drive, Newborough is a “revenue ploy”.John Field Drive reduces from 80km/h to 40km/h in a school zone.
The VicRoad’s website states, for school zones on 80km/h and above roads, “a time-based 60 km/h speed limit applies from 8am to 9.30am, and from 2.30pm to 4pm on school days”.
CamerasCutCrashes website owner and roaduser advocate Dallas Goldburg said the sudden drop in speed was a revenue ploy.

Read more »

RIP CamerasCutCrashes (VicGov version)

20 April, 2011 (14:00) | ccc | By: admin

The time has come for the GovInc to spend more money on spin and less on road safety.
Just days before the dangerous Easter road period the new Gov has pulled their existing ‘CamerasCutCashes’ website and now that domain address points to their new shiny mirror at ‘CamerasSaveLives’.

Surely this re-write would have been better not going ahead and just using the existing CCC site? What a waste.


Of course we will still keep going with Our registered domains here :)

Happy Easter to all the DoJ staff still viewing this site

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Cameras Save Lives – the spin continues.

19 April, 2011 (08:38) | ccc | By: admin

This morning sees the start of ANOTHER VicGov website trying to ensure the cash cow keeps rolling in

My Comments in theHun (revised)

Another glossy media piece by the (current) Vic Gov. 
We already have a CamerasCutCrashes website and this (camerassavelives) is another expensive mirror of that site.

The camera pictured above is another still on the ‘precommissioned camera’ list, flashing but not fining. WHY? 

Another review with predetermined outcomes supporting more and more cameras. 
Time for some public access to the facts, real testing results, error results, false fines, not just ‘we are right’ from the Gov. 

Pity they forgot to register and


I bet they dont read it.

Now there is the Auditor General review

In January 2011, Deputy Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan, asked the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO) to conduct a performance audit of the state’s road safety camera systems.

This includes reviewing the integrity of the road safety camera system and its contribution to reducing road trauma.

The VAGO audit aims to assess whether the road safety camera operation is effective in addressing road safety outcomes as well as the appropriateness of selecting sites for road safety cameras and the robustness of the testing and maintenance regimes.

For more information about VAGO, visit

So the precommissioned cameras (mostly upgrades) have been offline for FOUR months and no sign as to when they will ever come back online.
If there is issues with these 32, then what about the other 400 still running?

Also work has only just started trying to figure out what is wrong with the Hume Freeway sites and where it went so wrong as to make numerous errors and result in not only the primary Point to Point cameras being turned off but also the ‘Top Traffic Cop’ was removed from his position overe matters like this.

Should we write in to the Audit?
Is it worth the effort?
Are they listening anyway?

We’d like to hear your ideas as to what the VicGov need to hear about their flawed system.
email us –

Finally, why is the Section 83A treated as fact?
Unless you can prove the facts claimed on the 83A are wrong, all cases are found guilty by the judge (if taking it thru to court).

More to come.

Cameras Save Lives – Part #2

10 February, 2011 (10:48) | ccc | By: admin

Firstly a warm hello to the staff from Department of Justice who are regularly reading this site

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Secondly, we still find it alarming that the new GovInc takes no responsibilty for keeping the road safety caneras offline when they were previous protecting known, dangerous intersections.

With their delaying review of ‘precommissioned’ locations they are also keeping existing sites offline

Here are the remaining 32 sites, How many can you pick as existing upgrades?

Camera Location  At Intersection  Suburb  
Springvale Rd  Cheltenham Road  Braeside   UPGRADE
Prospect Hill Rd  Burke Road  Camberwell   UPGRADE
Nicholson St  Princes St  Carlton  
Warrigal Rd  Batesford Road  Chadstone   UPGRADE
Warrigal Rd  Centre Dandenong Road  Cheltenham   UPGRADE
Hoddle St  Johnston St  Collingwood   UPGRADE
South Gippsland Hwy  Thompsons Rd  Cranbourne North  
Stud Rd  Heatherton Rd  Dandenong   UPGRADE
Williamsons Road  Doncaster Rd  Doncaster  
Heatherton Rd, Westbound  Monash Fwy  Doveton  
Hoddle St  Wellington Pde  East Melbourne  
Princes Hwy  Sth Gippsland Fwy  Eumemmerring   UPGRADE
Denmark St  Barkers Road  Kew   UPGRADE
Canterbury Rd  Colchester Rd  Kilsyth South  
Ballarat Rd  Ashley St  Maidstone  
Dandenong Rd  Warrigal Rd  Malvern East  
St Kilda Road (Lanes 4 and 5)  Kings Way  Melbourne  
Exhibition St  Victoria St  Melbourne   UPGRADE
Maribyrnong Rd  Mt Alexander Rd  Moonee Ponds  
Princes Hwy  Elonera Rd  Noble Park North   UPGRADE
Maroondah Hwy  Springvale Road  Nunawading   UPGRADE
Warrigal Rd  North Road  Oakleigh   UPGRADE
Dandenong Rd  Clayton Road  Oakleigh East   UPGRADE
Cemetery Rd  Royal Parade  Parkville   UPGRADE
Punt Rd  High Street  Prahran   UPGRADE
Punt Rd  Toorak Rd  South Yarra   UPGRADE
Fitzroy St  Princes Street  St Kilda  
Barkly Street  Carlisle Street  St Kilda   UPGRADE
City Rd  Montague St  Sth Melbourne  
Kings Rd  Melton Hwy  Taylors Lakes  
Mahoneys Rd  High St  Thomastown  
Raglan Pde  Mahoneys Rd  Warrnambool  

Thats over 50% of the sites that are uppgrades of existing sites and goes directly against the new catch phrase – Cameras Save Lives
CamerasCut Crashes also now owns the domain as, yet again, they forgot to register it :(

Cameras Save Lives

31 January, 2011 (07:50) | ccc | By: admin

Welcome to our new

We probably should register and but we all know thats a fairytale

Lets hope some of the fluff becomes reality and the camera system are truely reveiwed and revised.
Without this info we cant understand why some sites are placed where they are and if they are ever tested

Of course it will just fade off like most of the other media tyrades on the matter. :(

Same ol, Same ol…

31 January, 2011 (07:39) | ccc | By: admin

2011 Time for ACTION

27 December, 2010 (18:19) | ccc | By: admin

Many drivers have had enough and want to raise the awareness of the unjust system.
Band together and join the fight to reverse the rollout of the Speed/Redlight cameras

Join in by emailing us at

More to come … soon

Fact or Fiction?

27 December, 2010 (17:14) | ccc | By: admin

A few major news stories lately but sadly the facts are far from the fineprint

Stating 32 new sites from a list that is already a month old is just wrong.
On the day of the article Vipac were out testing one of the sites, ready to roll out like many of the new ones, of the 32 there would only be a few remaining to go online, if not already online

my comment from elsewhere

The Possum writes…

Only four of Vic top 20 vehicle accident spots have speed cams
More proof that they are located for cash rather than for safety

another crap story

even their editorial has different stats
VICTORIANS should be outraged by today’s revelations in the Herald Sun that only three of the state’s 20 most dangerous accident black spots are monitored by speed cameras.

LOL writes…

“Speed cameras are placed in locations with very high levels of traffic flow and where there is an increased chance of fining people,” engineer John Lambert said.

who is John L?
The Department of Justice says on its website that cameras “are located on our most dangerous roads and intersections to prevent speed and red-light offences”.

for many years they have publically posted that cameras go in dangerous area and now in suitable areas for the setup, ie roads with high traffic but most importantly access to the infrastructure (internet and power)
the rest of the statement is –
Choosing locations
Sites are determined on the basis of known and researched crash-history and technical feasibility (whether the camera can operate optimally at the selected site).

from theHun story
According to the VicRoads crash database, the most accident-prone location is the corner of Centre and Dandenong roads, Springvale.
A complex six-way intersection, it has been the scene of 36 accidents causing serious injury over the past five years, but does not have a camera.

this intersection DID previously have a camera
after years of upgrades and rebuilding the intersection the camera was removed (like many places that get upgrades, the cameras dont need to go back)
also look at the type of traffic going thru here, many bad driveres :(
so mr journo, which part of the intersection should have the camera?

The biggest four revenue generators, all along EastLink, have not seen one serious accident in that time.

yawn, so what did theHun do about this when the cameras were first announced
KenLay announced on air last week that eastlink is one of melbournes safest road but did NOT need an active police precsence

The second-most dangerous black spot is St Kilda Junction- at the intersection of St Kilda Rd, Fitzroy St and Punt Rd – which has a camera.

remember mr laporchetta died here recently
the cameras were NOT on at this time
so mr journo, these cameras have just gone on, would you rather them NOT go on?

the camera system is a complex matter, stating dont have cameras is bad, having more with no reason is also bad
public access to the information is needed

also the 32 cameras are much less now
so much for stopping the roll out


CCC exclusive – Eastlink case thrown out

19 October, 2010 (08:25) | ccc | By: admin

Above is an image from one camera on Eastlink
This case was fought by  the rider and had to go to court (3rd time) to be finally thrown out.

The riders were staggered and passed thru the Dandy Bypass underpass on Eastlink
Only 1 rider was fined when both were travelling at the same speed.
They have asked for a review by DoJ but told no removal of fine and to take it to court.

They attended court several times and were to plead not guilty (even though the police suggested to just plead guilty) and each time cases were delayed due to other issues with Eastlink causing many cases to be put off time and time again.

With their day in court once again the police delivered the same certificate 83a with 2 vehicles in the same image.
Upon the judge actually seeing the images and the rider stating they were together all the time the judge immediately threw out the case and enquired about the image being allowed as it clearly showed the 2 bikes in the ‘zone’ the cameras/radar acted in.
The police said they agreed the image was wrong and withdrew their case too.
The rider also explained that they had already asked for a review and told that they would not get it withdrawn.

Yet another example of the cameras being not 100% and cases taken to court on a one by one hearing.
Sadly this doesn’t allow others in the same situation to gain from these exposed mistakes.

The Hume is now the next in massive errors in the system.
Only ‘9’ is just the start of this.

Finally on the ‘precommissioned cameras’ list available on the Governments own website
The list is now down from 80 to 50+ camera sites, set up, flashing, but NOT fining in the system

What is so wrong with these brand new sites?

Zoom Zoom Zoom

18 September, 2010 (10:59) | ccc | By: admin

Time for some pretty pictures (after all the tables and charts recently)

yes, it’s a caped man (or woman) on a bicycle 😉