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Victoria’s mobile speed cameras revealed

Article from: Sunday Herald Sun
Ellen Whinnett November 23, 2008 12:00am,21985,24691629-661,00.html



EXCLUSIVE: VICTORIA’S mobile speed camera sites – which reap $150 million a year in fines – can be revealed today.

The 2057 sites where police are setting their speed traps this month are listed in the Sunday Herald Sunand at

The list shows lead-footed motorists in Melbourne’s outer suburbs and key regional centres are November’s prime speed camera targets.

About 46,000 tickets are issued to speeding motorists snapped by mobile cameras every month.

Police have identified 24 speed camera sites in each of Reservoir and Preston this month.
In Reservoir, motorists can expect to find speed cameras on Gilbert Rd between Locksley Ave and Dwyer Ave, while cameras are also scheduled to operate on Banbury Rd between Leamington St and Emma Ave.
In Preston, cameras have been scheduled to operate at four separate locations along Murray Rd.
Residents of Hoppers Crossing can expect to find cameras at 18 sites, while Mill Park and Werribee will each have speed cameras across 15 sites during the month.

Cameras are also being deployed in country areas, with key regional centres including Hamilton (29 sites), Mildura (26 sites), Shepparton and Warrnambool (27 sites each) and Sale (18 sites) heavily policed.

The publication of the camera sites coincides with Victoria Police relaunching a website today which shows the locations.
The Sunday Herald Sun reveals almost half the locations on pages 36 and 37 today.

Roads Minister Tim Pallas welcomed the publication of the sites.
“Speed camera locations are published to demonstrate transparency of the program and reinforce that cameras are about preventing crashes on our roads and saving lives,” Mr Pallas said.
While locations are being revealed, the Government and police are keeping the specific times the cameras are being deployed at the sites under wraps.
“Since the inception of speed cameras in 1989, the state’s road toll has been reduced by over 50 per cent,” Mr Pallas said.
“When drivers see a speed camera, they instinctively slow down.
“With Christmas only weeks away, families will be on our roads in high numbers – we don’t want any Victorian losing a loved one as a result of speeding drivers.”

Almost every suburb is being blitzed this month.
The speed camera locations are on the website linked from

The website was launched in August by police, but the monthly site list was not kept up to date.
The Government has now given a commitment that, from today, the estimated 2000 monthly mobile camera sites will be updated every four weeks.

The locations of the permanent, fixed speed cameras can also be found on the site.
Fixed and mobile speed cameras generate about $200 million in revenue for the State Government each year.


yet previously


New site lists speed camera locations and their accuracy

Article from: AAP
AAP August 05, 2008 11:41am,21985,24131245-2862,00.html

VICTORIAN drivers nabbed by speed cameras can now check the camera’s accuracy online, eliminating costly FOI requests.

From this week speed camera calibration certificates will be available on the Victorian government’s website Cameras Cut Crashes.

Victorian Premier John Brumby said the information would save drivers money by making information previously only available under Freedom of Information freely accessible to the public.
“From the point of view of the government department, the Department of Justice, it saves us some time and money as well because we’re not dealing with more than 100 FoI application (a year),” Mr Brumby told 3AW.
About 20 per cent of FoI requests lodged with the Department of Justice relate to speed cameras.
Mr Brumby said providing calibration certificates online would give the public confidence that speed cameras were tested regularly and accurate.

The website has also been updated to map fixed speed camera locations for the first time. Previously camera sites were provided in an alphabetical list.
“You can actually get on the map, you can see where they are … so it’s giving the public a lot more information,” Mr Brumby said.
“You can see where the cameras are and secondly if you are a person whose been detected and you believe that you weren’t speeding and you want to check that the camera has actually been serviced and is accurate all of that information now is available free without having to go to FoI.”


 my comment submitted, I wonder if it will be published? 

Well, it seems even theHun is out doing itself. back in august it reported on the 1/2 effort camera site by the Gov Inc –,21985,24131245-2862,00.html .
Many, many sites were missing at the time (no wet film were listed at all) and plenty still are today. Several previous ‘Vicroads’ sites still have empty boxes up poles and nothing inside.
Now why 6mb of pdf downloads from theHun when the original CCC has it in a single 260kb excel?
We’ve had constant updates since the launch and have pushed to keep them at least current (probably required by law).

D. (


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