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****UPDATE 23.11.08****


Nov 2008 List (pdf) 


Nov xls is now here 


Here are the current links to the latest file downloads on the CCC site

Mobile Speed Camera Locations

Page or File 

Setup Guidelines

Page or File

Fixed Digital Speed Camera Locations

Page or File

RedLight Wet Film Locations

Page or File (Currently no download, but we will provide one shortly)


and for something new –

Signed and Unsigned Cameras
Victoria’s speed enforcement program combines ‘signed’ (fixed) cameras with ‘unsigned’ (mobile) cameras.

‘Signed’ (fixed) cameras
Fixed cameras are signed and are located at intersections, in tunnels or along freeways.
Fixed highway cameras are signed at intervals along the length of the freeway or highway.
This works to deter speeding along the stretch of road rather than just at specific camera site locations.


Wanna dig around for the source files for the site certificates?



Sick of having to dig around thru a really poorly designed GovInc site?
Well here’s the direct links to the files you want

Now lets play spot the mistake, missing site, unused location, we have them all.

Reward* for pix of sites that aren’t on the list.
Send photos to along with details of the image and your details.

* – No real reward, but we will credit your pix