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3YawN – Eastlink debate.

The Eastlink speed camera debate

Posted by: 3AW Mornings | 2 December, 2008 – 12:19 PM

The Neil Mitchell program has received hundreds of calls in relation to what could be at least one faulty speed camera on Eastlink.
Neil told his listeners on Tuesday he remains to be convinced the Traffic Camera Office’s assertion the cameras are working as they should is, in fact, the case.
A former police officer is the latest to tell Neil the cameras are faulty – his story included in the audio in the media player above.

The program has now launched an investigation into the issue.

Blog comments
Recieved 8 fines over 4 weeks, 2 at Wellington Rd and 6 at Dandenong Bypass, all 108-110 detected speed.
Four of the fines were on two days only, that is 2 per day..twice. Have a new car on which cruise control is always set at 90-95, and have had had speedo checked by Ford service centre, and found accurate. Co-worker also been caught 3 times, same places at same speed, 108-110 kmh detected speed, and he also has cruise control,and uses it.
Something definelty not right, but how to fight it??
John Billing Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 12:53 PM
Hi Neil, after listening to your show this morning I may need to apologise to my wife who has recntly received two infringment notices in the mail for allegedly speeding along Esatlink.On both occasions her vehicle was recorded at 108k’s.Once nth bound and once sth bound at the welington rd bridge and also the dandenong by pass bridge.Could it just be a coincidence that most of your listners were recorded at 108kph? Call me cynical but I think not. Any assistance in getting to the bottom of this would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Rohan
rohan harvison Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 1:42 PM
From the 29/10/08 – 6/11/08 have received 4 speeding fines on Eastlink, Southbound at the Dandenong Bypass Bridge. If that wasn’t enough yesterday received not one but three fines from 11/11/08 – 13/11/08 from the Wellington Road Bridge. A total to date of 11 points and $1164. Seven fines in a matter of two weeks. Who can afford to pay for the tolls as well as these fines.
Lorelle Fallshaw Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 1:46 PM
Bloody Brilliant.
As someone that knows the locations of the aforementioned cameras, I consciously drive 8-10km UNDER the speed limit while going through the under-bridge mounted speed cameras.
On almost all occasions, all traffic zooms past me while going through the area of detection due to my lack of speed.
Simplifying the appeals process (do I pay and contest, do i not pay and contest?) would make this icky process a bit more bearable.
Loughlan Burnett Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 3:55 PM
I have received 5 speeding fines in 4 weeks after a 10 year spotless driving record (not one speeding fine). These have all been on Eastlink which i unfortunatly have to use from start to finish twice a day.
I am furious because i use Cruise Control and know without doubt that i have not legitimally received any of these.
michelle Murray Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 4:12 PM
I refuse to use East Link because of the pathetic revenue raising from these cameras. Police get off your backside and get into the country and book some stupid motorists and truckies instead of motorists that do 5kms to fast on such a good road. Drive in England or Europe to see true speed restrictions not this revenue raising mentality from the Police and Government clowns
andrew Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 4:41 PM
I confess I have had a fine or two in the past and have had enough of an earful from my Wife to make me take it easy,which I very consciously do.I dont believe I drove 110ks or 108 under wellington bridge so I would appreciate any help you can offer
Michael McAuley Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 5:12 PM
I also received a speeding fine for doing 109km/h on Eastlink at Wellington Road Bridge in November. I am well aware of the speed cameras and would not have done almost 10km/h over the speed limit. This has put me off using Eastlink again.
Karen Martin Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 5:30 PM
I was bored on a Saturday night and I thought I would have a drive on the new East Link hwy.
8th Of Nov. Less then 10km/h. – Alleged speed 108.
I was watching my speed, I was never doing 8-10km/h over.
I’m not sure if this is the same Cam there everyone on else is talking about but I’m sure I wasn’t speeding!
Where do I go from here?
Lisa wells Tuesday 2 December, 2008 – 7:24 PM
I received a fine about a month ago saying I was doing 108km at the Wellington Road Bridge – I know I wasn’t speeding! Do we pay these fines or not? How can so many of us get exactly the same fine???
Bianca Wednesday 3 December, 2008 – 2:44 PM
I think that since the construction of the wellington Rd bridge, that the bridge itself has settled into its foundation and has thrown out readings or when there is a truck on the bridge and it rumbles the camera just enough to throw out the settlings. there are too many variables in that bridge. BRUMBY … BRUMBY …. BRUMBY!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! put a stop to this madness..
damien Wednesday 3 December, 2008 – 7:00 PM
I have received 3 infringements for speeding at the Wellington St overpass over a period of 4 days, each for detected speed 108km/hr and alleged speed 106km/hr in a 100km/hr zone.
I was notified of these by mail over 2 weeks after the first offence date! I have since travelled under this pass an additional 8 days and am expecting another 8 fines as I travelled the same speed as set on my cruise control of just over 100km/h, having tested this in the past to equate to 100km/hr. I would have been nowhere near 108km/hr.
Thats 11 demerit points, and over $1562 in fines because of the camera and the time it took them to notify me.
It doesn’t smell like revenue raising, it is so blatant its not in the slightest bit funny. Investigate away, this stinks to high heaven.
Carl Wednesday 3 December, 2008 – 7:05 PM
booked 4 times on Wellington Rd…car on cruise control at a little under 100 each time. car in left or centre lane each time.each trip was full length of eastlink, including tunnels and greens rd… how come no other camera picked it up. yes, did reduce to 80 in the tunnel both ways. booked twice in one day at wellington rd….there and back….hume hwy the week before, and calder the week before that…no fines. seems that either the Govt. or Vicpol are hungry….maybe both.
Sideline to this….how come the Hume is 110 and an old 2 lane hwy,yet a state of the art, no truck, lightly used freeway is 100kph makes absolutely no sense
neil mcgilp Wednesday 3 December, 2008 – 9:19 PM
I have had 3 fines in three days, 2 Southbound, Wellingtinn Road Bridge and 1 Northbound Dandenong Bypass, Alleged speed 106km for all. What do you do, I know I wasn’t speeding, as I only do just under 100km. Do you write a letter, what do you do? I’m nervously waiting to see if there are any more. Today I was game enough, to travel on it and went only 89 km so I wouldn’t get booked, or maybe who knows.
Angie Byrnes Wednesday 3 December, 2008 – 9:35 PM
2 fines in 2 weeks at Wellington Road – both for 108km. Drive 40,000 km plus a year – and only one speeding fine in the last 8 years up until now.
Jacko Thursday 4 December, 2008 – 11:11 AM
Neil, we too have been fined for 2 company cards, both on Wellington Road Bridge at 108km detected speed and 114km detected speed resp. with the use of cruise control set at 100km on 10th Nov & 18th Nov.
Will keep listening for further developments.
Lisa Ring Thursday 4 December, 2008 – 1:46 PM
I too have received a speeding fine on Eastlink travelling northbound at the Wellington Road Bridge. I actually worked on Eastlink and i am very careful when coming to that bridge and i can understand how i could have been doing that speed. i am writing a letter to refute this fine. Robert
Robert McLean Thursday 4 December, 2008 – 3:19 PM


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