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Bah! Humbug!

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Ea$tlink under fire……

The set of revenue raisers (safety cameras) at Wellington road have been under fire for several weeks and now radio is reporting an ‘ex-traffic camera operations cop’ has been caught, luckily, he IS going to fight it.

Remember there are 4 cameras each way (even one covering the service lane).
If fined you can review the camera certificates here.

Each toll gantry has toll-tag readers AND also speed measurement cameras that is used only by eastlink.
If the figures from eastlink dont match the stats from the vicpol/doj cameras then there will be more than sh!p hitting the fan

Eastlink is already struggling and now this might be another nail in the coffin of the tollway.

more to come


ok, lets look at the official certificates published by the GovInc on their roadsafety website. (name sounds farmiliar huh?) :) :)

Latest tests (as of 5th Dec 08)

                              Northbound    Southbound

Emergency lane     14.04.08          01.04.08

Lane 1                   17.04.08          01.04.08

Lane 2                   14.04.08          01.04.08

Lane 3                   22.04.08          12.02.08

Surely the site has been tested alot more since those dates.
Those certs are now over 8months old.
Why cant we see those certs? Didn’t the gov say they would keep them more upto date more often?

Cameras –
Looking up


Looking down

No marks visable, no strips visable

Has the roadway moved?


Comment from SystemRat
Time December 5, 2008 at 11:32 am

This is a question I posed on the Roadwatch site.

There seems to be a very large number of people calling talkback radio claiming to have been booked for speeding on East Link. In response to the concerns, the government / police have said they have total faith in the accuracy of the cameras, as there is speed verification.

As I understand it the cameras use pencil beam microwave radar with a secondary system of piezoelectric strips as Redflex use. It was suggested that both measurements where compared and only if both concurred than a ticket was issued. On the face of it that seems ok.

Can anyone tell me if there are indeed piezo stipes in the road near these cameras? The ones used by Redflex are clearly evident as the road surface is cut and the strips laid. Not sure if they can be seen on East Link.

The police spokesman suggested they checked the logs. I wonder if these cameras log historical data from both sources, How the two systems are interfaced as they would most lightly be from different manufactures.

It’s said this setup is in use on the western ring road without this problem. Are all these people all indeed speeding or is there something odd with this site.

If there is something wrong I fear it will it be quietly fixed to avoid refunding fines.

Looking at the picture above my guess is the two similer boxes are the rader heads and offences are recorded by the camera at the end of the assemby. While the brackets to these radar heads look solid I wonder if vibration caused by traffic on the road overhead or even on East Link might cause the heads to vibrate and produce incorrect readings.

Also are the secondery pizo detections strips just not in shot at this location or was the road re surfaced after they where but in. Seems odd there is not sign of them given they must deform with the load of passing traffic to work.

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