Cameras Cut Crashes :(

Bah! Humbug!

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Fair? Who needs Fair?

8 August, 2013 (08:56) | ccc | By: admin

Here we go yet AGAIN.
Multiple calls to RantRadio have snowballed yet another issues with the VicGov SpeedCamera system.

A rush of calls a few weeks ago has led to media hysteria on some roadworks taking place on the Western Ring Road
Why were roadworks there? – Light pole work apparently.
How many affected? – Nearly 1000

Camera Commissioner’s report (Recommendations only) –

3aw coverage –
Update –

BUT, the VicGov have already stated traffic speeds should be only changed with the least variation
GovGazette –

So what will VicPol do now? Stay tuned.

theHun –

Funnily, the CamComm report states that only ONE of the 2 cameras were working
Would the numbers be double if the second camera wasnt faulty?
Secondly, why was the ‘Safety’ camera offline for such a long time (Out since April 2013 – over 3 months)