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Downhill Daredevils

12 October, 2012 (08:30) | ccc | By: admin

Yet another stuffup with locations of mobile speed cameras.
Interestingly this issue happened at the same time as this topic was posted –

But, lately the VicGov have only published the main road and suburb on their website.

To compare the useful information that is missing, we have put up the current one and the last one with cross street locations.
Guess which site is listed on the historical list…

CCC_Mobile_November_2010 (line 1680)

CCC_Mobile-September-2012 (line 1824)


Fines scrapped after mobile camera placed at bottom of hill

by: Keith Moor  From: Herald Sun  October 11, 2012 12:00AM

Harshal Sakhare

Harshal Sakhare on Warrigal Rd where a mobile speed camera was wrongly placed at the bottom of a hill. Picture: Eugene Hyland Source: Herald Sun

SPEEDING fines have had to be scrapped because a mobile camera was wrongly set up over the brow of a hill to snap motorists going down a steep slope.

That bungle prompted speed camera watchdog Gordon Lewis to appeal to Herald Sun readers to dob in other dodgy camera sites.
The old “camera at the bottom of the hill trick” is the second embarrassment to hit Victoria’s traffic camera system recently, possibly causing millions of dollars in red-light camera fines being refunded.
Mr Lewis exposed the shonky mobile camera and believes it may not be the only one operating outside Victoria Police guidelines.
He appealed through the Herald Sun for motorists to tell him about other examples of badly or wrongly sited mobile cameras so he could investigate them and shut them down if they were in breach of the regulations.
“We now know there is one camera that was placed where it shouldn’t have been and there may well be others,” Mr Lewis said.
“This is not anecdotal, it is based on personal experience. I have seen mobile cameras tucked into the foliage along the Hume.”
Mr Lewis is also investigating what should be done about the tens of thousands of motorists who might have been wrongly booked by red-light cameras due to traffic lights not showing amber long enough before turning red.

It was revealed last week that a recent VicRoads audit identified eight red-light camera sites with this problem.
Mr Lewis’s separate probe into wrongly sited mobile speed cameras began after a motorist complained about a camera used on September 12 on Warrigal Rd, Surrey Hills, between Canterbury and Riversdale roads.
It was placed in a dip between two hills just before the intersection of Rose Ave and Matilda Rd and was snapping motorists from both directions as they drove down hills in front of the camera and behind it.
“The driver who complained to me hadn’t actually been booked,” Mr Lewis said. “He was just concerned the camera was a safety hazard as motorists would come over the brow of the hill and brake suddenly when they spotted the camera on the downhill slope.
“There were almost a lot of rear-end shunts.”

Website developer Harshal Sakhare, 27, lives next to the offending Warrigal Rd site and yesterday said he had regularly seen mobile speed cameras there in the past two years.
“It is very unfair to put them here as there are hills on both sides of where the camera is placed,” he said.

Mr Lewis contacted the Department of Justice about the rogue camera on September 17.
It agreed the Warrigal Rd camera was in breach of police guidelines and decided not to issue tickets to motorists who sped past it.

If you want to dob in a dodgy speed camera you should
write to Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis at Locked Bag 14, Collins St East, Melbourne, 3001
or email him at

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* ON a bend in the road
* WITHIN 200m of a change of speed zone
* ON an unsuitable downhill slope (steep enough to make a car in top gear speed up on its own) or within 300m of the bottom of a hill (unless it has a significant speed-related collision record)
* WHERE it might interrupt traffic flow
* ON or near an overpass or facing any elevated adjacent road
* WHERE there is any possibility of a false reading as a result of the camera radar beam reflecting off obstacles, including: polemounted electricity supply transformers; vehicles travelling along service roads; metal signs; Armco road barriers; metal bus stop shelters; public telephone booths; letterboxes; sheet metal garage doors, fences and factory walls; closely spaced iron picket fences and parked vehicles

* CLEARLY visible, not disguised by signs, logos, breakdown of vehicle, tree branches, lamp posts, rubbish bins or “any other covert means”

Read the details at or (or get latest info here on CCC, FIRST)