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The Glitch the keeps Giving.

5 October, 2012 (09:00) | ccc | By: admin

Section 83 Certificates

The key here is the faulty certificates.

And here they are;

All now proved to be faulty.


So far we have an ongoing comedy of errors (or blind eyes).

  • VicGov – tick.
  • VicPol – tick.
  • CameraCommissioner – tick.
  • VAGO – tick.
  • Vipac/SGS (actual testers) – tick.
  • RMIT – tick.

Who else is involved in this farce?

Listen to audio here – 3YawN_NM_S83_cams (5mb 20min)


Light glitch puts more traffic fines in doubt

by: Amelia Harris  From: Herald Sun   October 05, 2012 12:00AM

MORE traffic fines are in doubt after a review of red-light cameras found seven locations that were issuing suspect penalties.
The State Government’s traffic camera watchdog will investigate millions of dollars in fines, and thousands of demerit points, following the latest revelation.
An audit of red-light cameras has found the timing of traffic lights to be incorrect at seven intersections across Melbourne and Geelong, with the amber light not showing long enough before turning red.

The latest bungle was discovered by an audit sparked by the case of Gordon Bishop, who successfully challenged a red-light camera fine in court.

VicRoads checked all traffic lights with cameras following Mr Bishop’s win.
Following the examination of traffic light sequences, all amber signals were now operating in line with the guidelines, VicRoads chief executive Gary Liddle said.
“VicRoads is improving its internal processes to ensure that each time an intersection or speed limit is changed, the traffic signals are reviewed and timings adjusted accordingly.
“Drivers should remember that red-light cameras only operate if a vehicle enters an intersection after the light has turned red.”

Running a red light attracts a $305 fine and the loss of three demerit points.
Infringement notices issued at the suspect sites will now be reviewed by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Gordon Lewis.
Roads Minister Terry Mulder said the error had been acknowledged and was being fixed.
Amber-light timing was found to be incorrect for reasons including programming errors and changing traffic conditions.
In the case of the Melbourne Airport camera that was challenged, VicRoads failed to adjust the timing of an amber light at an intersection when the speed limit was cut to 40km/h.
Mr Bishop’s court win is being appealed, but other motorists who were fined from the same camera have contacted Civic Compliance Victoria.


Location of intersection AustRoads guideline Actual Time Incorrect amber period
Terminal Drive & Centre Road, Melbourne Airport 3.5 secs 3.0 secs 16 Nov 10 – 24 Jan 12
Doncaster & Williamsons/Tram Rds, Doncaster 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 5 Oct 11 – 7 Aug 12
Fyans & Moorabool Sts, South Geelong 4.0 secs 3.5 secs 11 May 10 – 24 Aug 12
High St & Mahoneys Rd/Keon Parade, Thomastown 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 20 Oct 11 – 26 Sep 12
Warrigal & Centre Rds,
Bentleigh East
4.0 secs 3.0 secs 1 Aug 10 – 16 Aug 12
Heatherton & Gladstone Rds, Dandenong North 4.0 secs 3.0 secs 29 Dec 04 – 16 Aug 12
Foster& McCrae St, Dandenong 4.0 secs 3.0 secs 18 Oct 10 – 16 Aug 12
Stud Rd & High St, Wantirna 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 28 Dec 06 – 23 Aug 12

More after the break

 * Amber lights at the intersections of Terminal Drive & Centre Road, Melbourne Airport, Doncaster & Williamsons/Tram Rds, Doncaster, and Fyans & Moorabool Sts, South Geelong had the incorrect length for all through and right turn movements in the above time periods. The amber lights at the other intersections were shorter than recommended at certain times
** Source Vic Roads

Thousands of red-light fines in doubt

The validity of thousands of red-light camera fines are being questioned following an audit of red light cameras.
Last month the Rumour File revealed Altona Meadows man Gordon Bishop had challenged a red light camera fine in court and won.
He successfully argued the timing of a set of lights at Melbourne Airport was incorrect.
Chief Executive of Vicroads Gary Liddle told Ross and John the audit has revealed timing inconsistencies at 7 other locations in Melbourne and Geelong.
“I have to emphasise that 5 of those 7 sites they are very very rare occurrences, probably less than 1% of the time the cameras are operating”
Mr Liddle said they are currently unable to speculate how many fines were wrongly issued but is certain the issue is confined to the 8 intersections.
“I’m absolutely confident that there are only 7 additional intersections to the one at Tullamarine that had this issue around the amber settings not being in accordance with the guidelines” he said.
The matter will be reviewed by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Gordon Lewis, who’ll decide how many, if any, of the fines will be overturned.
The lights have all been in working order since the 26th of September this year.
The Neil Mitchell Program’s Legal adviser David Galbally has advised those who may have been fined to write to VicRoads and Roads Minister Terry Mulder to ask for a refund.
“And In the event that they have lost their licence ask for compensation, because they are entitled to it” he said.
“In my view the government and Vicroads certainly, have got no alternative, they have to refund the money and have to compensate those who have lost their licence”

Mr Galbally has provided 3AW listeners with a template letter to send to the Minister for Roads and the Department of Justice if they believe they have been wrongly fined by dodgy red-light cameras.

Neil Mitchell says Vicroads incompetency in dealing with the camera mistakes has cost motorists.
“They knew there was at least one dodgy camera that was set up wrongly and they didn’t check the rest until it became public and they were forced to do it,”
“VicRoads have totally mishandled it and have conned motorists” he said.

LISTEN: Chief Executive Gary Liddle speaks with Ross and John

Please ignore the ‘paid-for-comment’ lawyers who keep saying ‘write a letter’. Totally pointless and ineffective.
Redlight-fine-letter Vicroadsletter2012.rtf


Red-Light debacle: ‘Vicroads have conned motorists’

Posted by: Neil Mitchell|5 October, 2012 – 9:18 AM

NEIL MITCHELL: Victoria’s dodgy red light cameras have been snapping away and getting it wrong for a combined total of more than twenty years.
How many motorists have been wrongly booked?
How many fines have to be refunded and how many licenses have been lost that should not have been lost?
This is one hell of a mess. One particular camera has been wrong for nearly eight years!
Another for nearly six years. Many others for two years.

Now Vicroads is dodging around on this, saying some were wrong all the time and some only part of the time.

There is no option. They will have to repay money. It is the only fair thing to do.
Heaven knows how much this could cost, this could be bigger than the Western Ring Road case.
Where $26 million was re paid to motorists because of dodgy cameras.
How many caught by dodgy red light cameras? Who knows!

LISTEN BELOW: Transport Minister Terry Mulder speaks with Neil Mitchell

We are trying to find out and will get legal advice on what you do.
Let’s run through the intersections where the cameras have been wrongly calibrated.

Here’s the list –
– Stud Rd & High St, Wantirna – Wrong for six years
– Doncaster & Williamsons/Tram Rds, Doncaster – Over a year
– Heatherton & Gladstone Rds, Dandenong North  – wrong for almost eight years
– Fyans & Moorabool Sts, South Geelong – wrong for over two years
– High St & Mahoneys Rd/Keon Parade, Thomastown – wrong for a year
– Warrigal & Centre Rds, Bentleigh East – wrong for two years
– Foster& McCrae St, Dandenong – Wrong for almost two years

It is an unholy mess and we are still chasing answers.
You know the other thing… Vicroads has known about this since January this year and they didn’t tell anybody.
Now they were forced into an audit they should have done almost a year ago.
They have been slow, incompetent and misleading to motorists.
They knew there was at least one dodgy camera that was set up wrongly and they didn’t check the rest until it became public and they were forced to do it.
And it became public because of a caller to 3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File.
And because we then asked questions, very embarrassing ones.
This is not just a stuff up.
Vicroads is in disgrace, they have totally mishandled it and have conned motorists.

LISTEN HERE: State Transport Minister Terry Mulder speaks with Neil Mitchell


Red-light cameras faulty, VicRoads admits

Megan Levy Breaking news reporter Date October 5, 2012 – 8:44AM

Seven more red-light cameras across Victoria have been exposed as faulty in an audit that was sparked when a Melbourne motorist challenged his fine in court.
VicRoads chief executive Gary Liddle said the audit of 200 red-light cameras had found that the timing of amber lights at seven more sites was incorrect, meaning motorists were not being given enough time to drive through an intersection. At several of those sites, the error had existed for years.

The findings come after Melbourne motorist Gordon Bishop challenged a fine that he received at the intersection of Terminal Drive and Centre Road in Tullamarine.
Mr Bishop timed the amber light and found it was half a second shorter than required. He challenged his fine in court, and won.
VicRoads admitted in a letter to Mr Bishop last month that it failed to adjust the timing of the amber light when it changed the speed limit from 40km/h to 50km/h in November 2010.
The review of the camera in Tullamarine could result in up to $2.8 million returned to drivers and 28,000 demerit points reinstated.

Mr Liddle told radio station 3AW today that in the wake of the Tullamarine bungle, VicRoads had conducted an audit of the state’s 200 red-light cameras, which revealed an additional seven sites had been set up incorrectly.
Some of those sites had been faulty for a few months, but in a couple of occasions the error had existed for years.
“All the amber timings at those sites have been adjusted so that all the red-light camera sites are now in accordance with the guidelines,” he said.
He said the errors were created when, for example, VicRoads had introduced a separate phase for a bus at an intersection.
“It’s those sorts of things that have caused the changes and, as I say, all of those have been adjusted now in accordance with the guidelines,” he said.
Mr Liddle said the information had been forwarded to the road safety camera commissioner, Gordon Lewis, who would determine whether drivers would have their fines overturned and demerit points reinstated.
Mr Liddle could not say how many motorists had been penalised at the sites, other than to say the number of people affected was believed to be “very, very small”.
He said additional checks had been put in place to ensure the errors did not happen again.

The Age has contacted VicRoads to provide the exact locations of the faulty red-light cameras.
After the faulty Tullamarine camera was exposed, Police Minister Peter Ryan asked the road safety camera commissioner to investigate infringements issued to motorists from that specific camera over a 15-month period.