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What’s up?

8 September, 2012 (09:17) | ccc | By: admin

Well it seems like the cat’s finally out of the bag and we’re amazed with the website feedback over the last few days.
To keep things up to date we will try and post a few new articles over the next few days.
Welcome to those first visitors and another welcome to the viewers from DoJ, VicGov and Defence.
Stats are funny things. 6000 odd hits from theAge sites and 54 from theHun…. Over 8000 in total yesterday. So we must be doing something right.

Firstly thanks to everyone for the feedback and support, but it seems the fight has only just begun (more on that later).
As a reminder we are dedicated to release info that we think goes against the Road Safety message and link to parts of the web many may not come across.


Recently the GovInc decided to reverse their public naming of mobile speed camera locations.
But STILL list the ~2000 possible site. Heres the Sept list.

Now remember there are only 600 odd sites per week/month but they try to cloud the possibilties by listing 2000, making it impossible to get a clear idea for your area or travels.
So much for alerting us to blackspot ares (where cameras USED to be focused).


As a CCC EXLUSIVE we can reveal that the 1 remaining ‘Precommissioned’ camera site – Warrigal Road at the intersection of Warrigal Road and Batesford Road, Chadstone.
This was the last camera schedualed to go back online after a length upgrade.
There were 2 cameras setup on this location (1x old wet film and 1x new digital speed/redlight). For a location to have 2 cameras required it certainly must have been a high accident scene with confusing roadways and/or lots of pedestrian traffic (prob from nearby Maccas, Holmesglen TAFE and shops/railway. Looks like Ted’s taken care of the TAFE).

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Amazingly the Local Council has trumped the DoJ and put a 40km/h safety speed zone around the site making the traffic slow to a crawl along Warrigal Highway….
This 40k zone stays at the BOTTOM of the hill (after a fast 70k downhill) and extends up again toward the next crest (GPS profile coming soon)

After the public release of the ‘Camera Commissioners’ annual report we decided to give them a ring to discuss a few things.
First up was the remaining precommissioned sites. We were told this location (although we think is still dangerous) is NOT going to be finalised as it cant be correctly set up.
Scrapping the 2 cameras that patrol this corner is either poor planning or just lazy work. So much for road safety.

More to come on this location.