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Rusty piece of Vic-Roads history

10 February, 2012 (09:25) | ccc | By: admin

Ebay has just passed in the infamous Datun 120y 1975 rust bucket.
No one (thankfully) has bid on the car that brought down the WRR speed cameras

This is THE ACTUAL Datsun 120Y that became famous for bringing down the Ring road speed cameras in Melbourne, Victoria in the early 2000’s. The police claimed they clocked this car doing 160 KM / HR. The original speeding fine is available for viewing and copying (so you can verify that this is the actual car that was clocked doing this speed). In need of some restoration ideally we would like to sell this car to someone who would be willing to restore it to it’s original glory. Mechanically there are no faults – we put in a new Engine and new battery a few years ago. Only work needed is on the duco (some rust spots). Newspaper clippings and info re this car is available for viewing and copying.

Very little media attention on this significant lump of rust

More details on its history here