Over the last day or two, the roadway along one of Melbourne’s most profitable Redlight camera sites has been changed.

Hitting traffic going both North and South along Warrigal Rd, Holmesglen (at Batesford Rd), this site sits in the middle of an unexplained 40km/h (8am-8pm Mon-Sat) site.

The pictures below show new herring-bone markings on each lane leading up to the intersection. They do not continue past the crossroads.

Interestingly the Northbound camera is still a wet-film type (And looks like it is actually loaded).

The southbound camera (Gatso) has seen better days and looks like its been smeared with paint or filler.
Buy that person a beer (at the Mathew Flinders across the road)

Northbound looking South

Northbound looking South

Southbound looking North

Median fencing still M.I.A. (3 years after replacement recommendations*)

Southbound GATSO camera disabled.

(* – nearly 3 years ago the sCammComm recommended to repair this site after increasing doubt into the setup used here)

The full report can be viewed hereĀ – http://cameracommissioner.vic.gov.au/investigation-fixed-road-safety-cameras-40kmh-speed-limit-zones-2/

I recommend that:…3. An engineering solution, such as more substantial barriers that prevent pedestrians from walking along the median, be erected along Warrigal Road, near its intersection with Batesford Road in Chadstone to stop pedestrians from jaywalking across the carriageways of Warrigal Road. Such a construction would force pedestrians to use the existing traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings and the pedestrian overpass looping around the railway bridge

Report can be downloaded here


**UPDATE** – REPLY HERE – http://www.camerascutcrashes.com.au/2017/07/14/14-july-white-line-update/

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