Today the sCammComm’s ‘limited’ review into infected camera system is released.

Of course it’s a media hyped event before the public can get to see it 🙁

We’ll post it as soon as it becomes available.Early comment is the fines STAND.

50,000+ in doubt and faith in the system is gorn……

EXCLUSIVE: Fines from infected cameras set to stand


More than 50,000 traffic fines issued by virus-infected speed and red-light cameras will stand.

The fines were cancelled after a Neil Mitchell investigation revealed dozens of them had been infected by WannaCry ransomware via an infected USB.
Victoria’s Police Minister Lisa Neville didn’t know about the issue until 3AW told her and quickly acted to have the matter investigated.

The Road Safety Camera Commission has written a report, in which Neil Mitchell today revealed the commissioner says “I applaud the caution shown by the authorities, but I find that there is no reason for the subject infringements to continue to be withheld”.

Of the 54,000 tickets issued by virus-infected cameras, I think most fines will stand.
I think some will probably have their fines waived on the basis that the window of issuing the fines has closed, but I can’t confirm that.

This essentially closes the case of the tickets, but the handling of the situation is still under review.

  • How did it get affected?
  • Why was it covered up?
  • Why was the initial information that came out wrong?

The government’s done a pretty good job here. The broader point is the confidence, security and integrity of the system.

Audio here – Exclusive-neil-mitchell-has-been-given-the-report


Then the sCammComm has said the following;

‘We may never know why’: Camera commissioner

Victoria’s road safety camera commissioner says we may never know how dozens of speed and red-light cameras were infected by ransomware.
It was previously thought the cameras were infected by a camera operator inadvertently inserting a USB that contained the virus into the cameras while updating them.
But commissioner John Voyager scotched that on 3AW today.
“I’m told there were no USB sticks involved,” he said.
“We might never know (the cause of the infection).”
The report is not final.

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