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Bah! Humbug!

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40/60/40. Thousands nabbed.

12 February, 2015 (09:29) | ccc | By: admin

Well, finally rant radio has caught up

LOCAL councils are responsible for these zones.

Here’s just a few.


New Story from a few weeks ago

Call to calm down on the school run to protect children

Date January 27, 2015  Liam Mannix  Reporter

The state government is urging frantic parents to calm down when dropping off their children at school.
For children at state schools, Thursday is the first day of the school year – and the first day of the school rush.

“Parents need to calm down around schools,” Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said on Tuesday. “I think far too many parents think the most important thing in the world is their endeavours. They need to be aware what’s going on. They need to be aware that school children are hard to see.

“Parents need to calm down … It’s about abiding by the rules, taking your time, and calmly getting your children to school, so that we don’t have any more fatalities.”

Almost 350 people were injured, 82 of them seriously, around schools during school hours in 2012 – the most recent year VicRoads has data for. In fact, data reveals that school zones are amongst the most dangerous stretches of road in the state, with a high rate of injury despite only covering a small stretch of the state’s road network.

The warning came as road safety camera commissioner Gordon Lewis urged Victoria Police to drop a policy allowing official warnings to be issued to motorists who speed up to 14 kilometres an hour over the speed limit in a school zone, instead of a fine.

“Even exceeding the speed limit by nine kilometres per hour in a 40km/h speed limit zone seems potentially dangerous,” he said.

School speed zones will be activated on Wednesday for the first time this year.

Speed limits are lowered to 40 kilometres an hour in a school zone, generally between 8am and 9.30am and 2.30pm and 4pm, when children are arriving at and leaving school.

There were 44 pedestrians killed on the state’s roads last year, a 22 per cent increase on 2013.

Children are at especially high risk because they can often behave unpredictably around roads, and are difficult to see from behind the wheel of a vehicle. Thursday will be the first day of school for many children.

In 2013, a senior Westpac finance market specialist was jailed for six months for driving while using his phone into a lollypop lady at a school crossing.

Speed camera critic and safety campaigner Dallas Goldburg said the government would do better to put funding into fencing off school roads to stop children running in front of cars rather than more speed cameras.

“I find it amazing that the money that’s come from this has never gone to putting up fences in the area,” he said.

“If you’re scared of someone running out, why is the money not spent to put fences up around the area?”

Fair? Who needs Fair?

8 August, 2013 (08:56) | ccc | By: admin

Here we go yet AGAIN.
Multiple calls to RantRadio have snowballed yet another issues with the VicGov SpeedCamera system.

A rush of calls a few weeks ago has led to media hysteria on some roadworks taking place on the Western Ring Road
Why were roadworks there? – Light pole work apparently.
How many affected? – Nearly 1000

Camera Commissioner’s report (Recommendations only) –

3aw coverage –
Update –

BUT, the VicGov have already stated traffic speeds should be only changed with the least variation
GovGazette –

So what will VicPol do now? Stay tuned.

theHun –

Funnily, the CamComm report states that only ONE of the 2 cameras were working
Would the numbers be double if the second camera wasnt faulty?
Secondly, why was the ‘Safety’ camera offline for such a long time (Out since April 2013 – over 3 months)


Here we go again……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

21 November, 2012 (07:43) | ccc | By: admin

Another day, another fail.

VicGov has jazzed up their website and is still not speaking to the right crowd.
Too many times they have rammed the message to those already aware of the issues and totally missed the audience they need to communicate to.

Now, Cameras Save Lives.
Yep, so does Seatbelts, Driver Ed, Better cars, etc, etc.

Yet MILLIONS $$$ are spent on hyping up the speed-fuelled GrandPrix to an elite few.
Those watching excessive speed and dangerous driving try to repeat it out on the road in the following months.

And lets not forget there are STILL no cameras on the Monash or Eastern Freeways………

 Bah Humbug.

Downhill Daredevils

12 October, 2012 (08:30) | ccc | By: admin

Yet another stuffup with locations of mobile speed cameras.
Interestingly this issue happened at the same time as this topic was posted –

But, lately the VicGov have only published the main road and suburb on their website.

To compare the useful information that is missing, we have put up the current one and the last one with cross street locations.
Guess which site is listed on the historical list…

CCC_Mobile_November_2010 (line 1680)

CCC_Mobile-September-2012 (line 1824)


Fines scrapped after mobile camera placed at bottom of hill

by: Keith Moor  From: Herald Sun  October 11, 2012 12:00AM

Harshal Sakhare

Harshal Sakhare on Warrigal Rd where a mobile speed camera was wrongly placed at the bottom of a hill. Picture: Eugene Hyland Source: Herald Sun

SPEEDING fines have had to be scrapped because a mobile camera was wrongly set up over the brow of a hill to snap motorists going down a steep slope.

That bungle prompted speed camera watchdog Gordon Lewis to appeal to Herald Sun readers to dob in other dodgy camera sites.
The old “camera at the bottom of the hill trick” is the second embarrassment to hit Victoria’s traffic camera system recently, possibly causing millions of dollars in red-light camera fines being refunded.
Mr Lewis exposed the shonky mobile camera and believes it may not be the only one operating outside Victoria Police guidelines.
He appealed through the Herald Sun for motorists to tell him about other examples of badly or wrongly sited mobile cameras so he could investigate them and shut them down if they were in breach of the regulations.
“We now know there is one camera that was placed where it shouldn’t have been and there may well be others,” Mr Lewis said.
“This is not anecdotal, it is based on personal experience. I have seen mobile cameras tucked into the foliage along the Hume.”
Mr Lewis is also investigating what should be done about the tens of thousands of motorists who might have been wrongly booked by red-light cameras due to traffic lights not showing amber long enough before turning red.

It was revealed last week that a recent VicRoads audit identified eight red-light camera sites with this problem.
Mr Lewis’s separate probe into wrongly sited mobile speed cameras began after a motorist complained about a camera used on September 12 on Warrigal Rd, Surrey Hills, between Canterbury and Riversdale roads.
It was placed in a dip between two hills just before the intersection of Rose Ave and Matilda Rd and was snapping motorists from both directions as they drove down hills in front of the camera and behind it.
“The driver who complained to me hadn’t actually been booked,” Mr Lewis said. “He was just concerned the camera was a safety hazard as motorists would come over the brow of the hill and brake suddenly when they spotted the camera on the downhill slope.
“There were almost a lot of rear-end shunts.”

Website developer Harshal Sakhare, 27, lives next to the offending Warrigal Rd site and yesterday said he had regularly seen mobile speed cameras there in the past two years.
“It is very unfair to put them here as there are hills on both sides of where the camera is placed,” he said.

Mr Lewis contacted the Department of Justice about the rogue camera on September 17.
It agreed the Warrigal Rd camera was in breach of police guidelines and decided not to issue tickets to motorists who sped past it.

If you want to dob in a dodgy speed camera you should
write to Road Safety Camera Commissioner Gordon Lewis at Locked Bag 14, Collins St East, Melbourne, 3001
or email him at

More after the break

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The Glitch the keeps Giving.

5 October, 2012 (09:00) | ccc | By: admin

Section 83 Certificates

The key here is the faulty certificates.

And here they are;

All now proved to be faulty.


So far we have an ongoing comedy of errors (or blind eyes).

  • VicGov – tick.
  • VicPol – tick.
  • CameraCommissioner – tick.
  • VAGO – tick.
  • Vipac/SGS (actual testers) – tick.
  • RMIT – tick.

Who else is involved in this farce?

Listen to audio here – 3YawN_NM_S83_cams (5mb 20min)


Light glitch puts more traffic fines in doubt

by: Amelia Harris  From: Herald Sun   October 05, 2012 12:00AM

MORE traffic fines are in doubt after a review of red-light cameras found seven locations that were issuing suspect penalties.
The State Government’s traffic camera watchdog will investigate millions of dollars in fines, and thousands of demerit points, following the latest revelation.
An audit of red-light cameras has found the timing of traffic lights to be incorrect at seven intersections across Melbourne and Geelong, with the amber light not showing long enough before turning red.

The latest bungle was discovered by an audit sparked by the case of Gordon Bishop, who successfully challenged a red-light camera fine in court.

VicRoads checked all traffic lights with cameras following Mr Bishop’s win.
Following the examination of traffic light sequences, all amber signals were now operating in line with the guidelines, VicRoads chief executive Gary Liddle said.
“VicRoads is improving its internal processes to ensure that each time an intersection or speed limit is changed, the traffic signals are reviewed and timings adjusted accordingly.
“Drivers should remember that red-light cameras only operate if a vehicle enters an intersection after the light has turned red.”

Running a red light attracts a $305 fine and the loss of three demerit points.
Infringement notices issued at the suspect sites will now be reviewed by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Gordon Lewis.
Roads Minister Terry Mulder said the error had been acknowledged and was being fixed.
Amber-light timing was found to be incorrect for reasons including programming errors and changing traffic conditions.
In the case of the Melbourne Airport camera that was challenged, VicRoads failed to adjust the timing of an amber light at an intersection when the speed limit was cut to 40km/h.
Mr Bishop’s court win is being appealed, but other motorists who were fined from the same camera have contacted Civic Compliance Victoria.


Location of intersection AustRoads guideline Actual Time Incorrect amber period
Terminal Drive & Centre Road, Melbourne Airport 3.5 secs 3.0 secs 16 Nov 10 – 24 Jan 12
Doncaster & Williamsons/Tram Rds, Doncaster 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 5 Oct 11 – 7 Aug 12
Fyans & Moorabool Sts, South Geelong 4.0 secs 3.5 secs 11 May 10 – 24 Aug 12
High St & Mahoneys Rd/Keon Parade, Thomastown 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 20 Oct 11 – 26 Sep 12
Warrigal & Centre Rds,
Bentleigh East
4.0 secs 3.0 secs 1 Aug 10 – 16 Aug 12
Heatherton & Gladstone Rds, Dandenong North 4.0 secs 3.0 secs 29 Dec 04 – 16 Aug 12
Foster& McCrae St, Dandenong 4.0 secs 3.0 secs 18 Oct 10 – 16 Aug 12
Stud Rd & High St, Wantirna 4.5 secs 3.0 secs 28 Dec 06 – 23 Aug 12

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What’s up?

8 September, 2012 (09:17) | ccc | By: admin

Well it seems like the cat’s finally out of the bag and we’re amazed with the website feedback over the last few days.
To keep things up to date we will try and post a few new articles over the next few days.
Welcome to those first visitors and another welcome to the viewers from DoJ, VicGov and Defence.
Stats are funny things. 6000 odd hits from theAge sites and 54 from theHun…. Over 8000 in total yesterday. So we must be doing something right.

Firstly thanks to everyone for the feedback and support, but it seems the fight has only just begun (more on that later).
As a reminder we are dedicated to release info that we think goes against the Road Safety message and link to parts of the web many may not come across.


Recently the GovInc decided to reverse their public naming of mobile speed camera locations.
But STILL list the ~2000 possible site. Heres the Sept list.

Now remember there are only 600 odd sites per week/month but they try to cloud the possibilties by listing 2000, making it impossible to get a clear idea for your area or travels.
So much for alerting us to blackspot ares (where cameras USED to be focused).


As a CCC EXLUSIVE we can reveal that the 1 remaining ‘Precommissioned’ camera site – Warrigal Road at the intersection of Warrigal Road and Batesford Road, Chadstone.
This was the last camera schedualed to go back online after a length upgrade.
There were 2 cameras setup on this location (1x old wet film and 1x new digital speed/redlight). For a location to have 2 cameras required it certainly must have been a high accident scene with confusing roadways and/or lots of pedestrian traffic (prob from nearby Maccas, Holmesglen TAFE and shops/railway. Looks like Ted’s taken care of the TAFE).

View Larger Map

Amazingly the Local Council has trumped the DoJ and put a 40km/h safety speed zone around the site making the traffic slow to a crawl along Warrigal Highway….
This 40k zone stays at the BOTTOM of the hill (after a fast 70k downhill) and extends up again toward the next crest (GPS profile coming soon)

After the public release of the ‘Camera Commissioners’ annual report we decided to give them a ring to discuss a few things.
First up was the remaining precommissioned sites. We were told this location (although we think is still dangerous) is NOT going to be finalised as it cant be correctly set up.
Scrapping the 2 cameras that patrol this corner is either poor planning or just lazy work. So much for road safety.

More to come on this location.

Stay alert * Stay alive – the saga continues

7 September, 2012 (10:06) | ccc | By: admin

Yet again the GovInc fails with its latest PR stunt
Eyes on the road Rhonda

more here –



Channel 7 News at it again

26 March, 2012 (10:53) | ccc | By: admin

Another year on and now Ch7 news are doing another ‘exclusive’ story on the Commute comparison.
Last week they recorded a segment and today (Monday) they are passing it off as News.

See the teaser ad below (or make your own)


Ch7 have done this type of thing multiple times, yet run anti-distraction articles from the police.

See it live tonight at 6pm
Previous history here –

Rusty piece of Vic-Roads history

10 February, 2012 (09:25) | ccc | By: admin

Ebay has just passed in the infamous Datun 120y 1975 rust bucket.
No one (thankfully) has bid on the car that brought down the WRR speed cameras

This is THE ACTUAL Datsun 120Y that became famous for bringing down the Ring road speed cameras in Melbourne, Victoria in the early 2000’s. The police claimed they clocked this car doing 160 KM / HR. The original speeding fine is available for viewing and copying (so you can verify that this is the actual car that was clocked doing this speed). In need of some restoration ideally we would like to sell this car to someone who would be willing to restore it to it’s original glory. Mechanically there are no faults – we put in a new Engine and new battery a few years ago. Only work needed is on the duco (some rust spots). Newspaper clippings and info re this car is available for viewing and copying.

Very little media attention on this significant lump of rust

More details on its history here


Mobile Speed Cameras recalled

4 October, 2011 (10:15) | ccc | By: admin

Unconfirmed reports that Victorias speedcamera cars have all been recalled this morning due to their Duress system being down.
if they cant get that right, can we trust the rest

more as it comes……

Forensic Advantage

5 September, 2011 (12:50) | ccc | By: admin

A surprise outcome at Dandenong court with a VicPol member winning against the Eastlink speed cameras.
This case was won on EXTRA calibration of her marked police car being allowed as well as her statement on her speed and a junior witness travelling with her.
Sadly this wont open the floodgates as no new proof against the holy Sec 83A certificate relied on in all cases was tendered.
Openly the judge took the case and dismissed the fine, but sadly the expected $100,000 costs will still be out of the range of others fined on this tollway and other roads.

Remember 32 cameras coming to a suburb near you real soon.

The public has no faith in the system now as it seems to be one rule for them and another for us suckers.

Spot the bonehead here

Make sure you keep up to date here at and

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Talk with (moderated) Minister

2 September, 2011 (13:11) | ccc | By: admin

Here’s the full transcript of the ‘open’ chat with Police Minister on theHun website today

Sadly the moderation and question replies were too slow and only a fraction of the posted questions made it online or were responded to by the GovInc.

Police Minister Peter Ryan takes your questions on Victoria’s speed and red light cameras (09/01/2011) 

Friday September 2, 2011
11:25  Good morning. Peter Ryan will be with us shortly. 
Friday September 2, 2011 11:25 
11:59  Peter Ryan: Midday folks. Welcome to all. And away we go. 
Friday September 2, 2011 11:59 Peter Ryan

12:00  [Comment From NB NB: ]
Is there a plan to increase the number of fixed speed cameras currently operating across Victoria? 
Friday September 2, 2011 12:00 NB
12:00  Peter Ryan: That is a matter I will discuss with police now that we have the report from the Auditor- General available to us. 
Friday September 2, 2011 12:00 Peter Ryan

12:01  [Comment From ]
if road safety is the prime reason for so many cameras, why NO cameras on the Monash freeway, and NO cameras on the Eastern freeway 
Friday September 2, 2011 12:01
12:02  Peter Ryan: It is a matter for police and the siting committee as to where the cameras are placed. As and when I receive submissions from them they will be considered. 
Friday September 2, 2011 12:02 Peter Ryan

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VAGO SpeedCamera report

31 August, 2011 (10:36) | ccc | By: admin